From Green Right Now Reports

The sleek new "Reflect"

Klean Kanteen, the popular maker of stainless steel water bottles, has long plopped a plastic top on its containers.

There’s nothing terribly unhealthy about that for the person using the water bottle. But the impact of plastic waste on the world, notably in giant garbage patches in the ocean, is becoming increasingly noticeable and problematic. It seemed time for Klean Kanteen to come clean and offer a completely defensible water bottle.

And here it is: The “Reflect” stainless steel bottle with a stainless steel lid, craftily finished off with a bamboo cap topper.

The company proudly crows that the Reflect  has no paint and no plastic, just three materials — stainless steel, bamboo and silicone — that “create the ultimate expression of our ongoing crusade to change the way people think and drink.”

The price for all this artistry and environmentalism is  a little artisan for our tastes, $32.95 retail. Youzer!

But it does appear that this bottle will last, and so will its sustainability credentials.

If you’ve already got a Klean Kanteen, with a standard opening, here’s a more affordable idea: Replace the plastic lid with a stainless one. That’ll be $9.95. Makes environmental sense, if your old lid has disappeared.