“I love your markers, but I’d like to tell you it’s polluting. So can I please send some of your markers back? I love your product, but hate pollution.” – Zachary, age 9

From Green Right Now Reports

Plastic markers (Photo: Thomas Hawke)

Elementary school kids in San Rafael, Calif., are asking Crayola to initiate a recycling program for the millions of markers the company produces every year.

The children, who participate in a green group called Kids That Care, decided to petition Crayola through Change.org after realizing that many plastic products, including spent markers, wind up in landfills, said the group’s advisor Land Wilson.

Their petition asks Crayola executives launch a recycling program so that customers can conveniently recycle plastic Crayola products.

More than 58,000 people have signed the week-old petition (as of May 18), exceeding the petition target of 50,000 signatures.

Wilson says the students hope that Crayola can simply expand its internal recycling program, which reprocesses malformed markers, to the consumer market.

“Plastics are a resource that must be kept within industrial cycles,” he said. “We want Crayola to help lead the way with a convenient take-back program for their plastic markers that kids can easily partake in. If Crayola can do it, we know other companies will follow. Crayola can be a leader for the environment.”

Or as Olivia, an 8-year-old member of Kids That Care, put it:  “If we all came from the Earth… Then why are we hurting it so much? Earth is all we have left.”

(Check back for comment from Crayola….)