From Green Right Now Reports

White-Nose Syndrome continues to claim bats across the U.S., particularly in the Northeast.

TheĀ  fatal fungus, discovered in New York in 2006, has so far killed more than 6 million bats, and it’s moving across the nation.

As researchers study how to stop the epidemic, bat advocates work to rescue some of the afflicted bats, as you can see in this video.

Bats perform an important function in the ecosystem, working as pollinators and consuming insects. Many homeowners have welcomed bats to their yards as a way to naturally control mosquitoes and other pests.

Bats leaving Congress St. Bridge in Austin (Photo: GreenRightNow)

To put bats to work at your home, you’ll need a bat house and some advice on how to attract these beneficial flying creatures. Learn how to build a bat house at theĀ  Bat Conservation International website, where you can also learn the tricks to bringing bats to your environment.

Many people fear bats because of their association with rabies. To get the facts on this topic, BCI has assembled a page about the disease and how to deal with a potential exposure.