Green Right Now Reports

Does the new school year find you stocking up on zip baggies and cases of plastic water bottles?

There’s no need! You can cross those disposables right off the grocery list by making the move to reusables. Chances are you already have reusable water bottles. Now it’s time to push the envelope and get your sandwiches into reusable containers, cartons, carriers or bags. Prices for the bags featured below range from $6.50 to $10, depending on their size.

Here are some of our favorite options for giving plastic baggies the slip:

The Snack Taxi:

We use this one and can attest it will take a lot of abuse. It’s sized right and wipes off easily. The large flap opening makes it easy to dry in a dish rack. It’s PVC-free (trust us that’s a good feature because many lunch bags are not) and made in the USA. Get these at Snack Taxi online, at, where you can buy a variety of reusables, and other retail stores.  Snack Taxi also sells bags that support the Global Women’s Water Initiative.

Lunch Skins:

These sandwich bags also are made with cotton and are free of toxics like BPA and phthalates, and are hand-sewn in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. They’re a roomy (for sandwiches) 6.5 inches square. These zip all the way across the top, creating a nice sealed pocket for your PB&J. Created by three moms to help themselves and others reduce their “lunchprint” you can bet the design works. The company also donates to environmental causes. A portion of proceeds from this Crab bag go to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


These get rave reviews on Users say they’re sturdy and easy to clean. They’re made of cotton coated with nylon, and free of toxics like BPA and phthlates. They’re also made in the USA, and the company says they’re machine and dishwasher safe. We say, they might last longest if you hand wash.  These are sold at the Reusies website and at