From Green Right Now Reports

Austin’s Interfaith Environmental Network  will host Bob Gedert, director of The City of Austin Resource Recovery Department and Vice President of the National Recycling Coalition, at a free, public symposium on Tuesday May 7, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Highland Park Baptist ChurPlastic Bagsch, 5206 Balcones Drive, Austin.

Austin became the first large city in Texas to ban plastic bags on March 1 — a bold step that will affect the residents, the environment and the economy. But it’s just the first of many such steps that the city can take on its way to fulfilling the Zero Waste Plan, passed in 2011, according to the Interfaith Environmental Network.

Gedert and associate David Hogan of The Central Texas Zero Waste Alliance will explain what Austin’s Zero Waste Plan will mean in practice, the city’s plans for implementation, as well as when and how Austinites’ everyday routines will be affected.

The IEN has brought together people of disparate faiths to answer the call of environmental stewardship. Its members include more than 15 local congregations, representing Jewish, Protestant, Unitarian and Zen houes of worship. The network was formed in 2008, in response to a call to action from Mayor Will Wynn and aims to strengthen the community through shared service, learning and influence on public policy relating to care of the earth.

All adults, regardless of religious affiliation, are invited to attend this free event. Mr. Gedert will give a 45 minute presentation and take questions from the audience. ??

  •  Learn more about how the Interfaith Environmental Network has advocated for the plastic bag ban in this blog by Rabbi Steve Folberg, co-chair of the IEN.