Worksman two seater

Bikes can accommodate nearly everyone. This tandem by Worksman allows either rider to do the bulk of the pedaling.

May is national Bike Month. These videos review some of the cutting-edge options for serious bike commuters — and some ideas for people who just want to tool around town without burning fossil fuels.

Let’s get started!

This turbo-charged bike by the California bike maker Specialized offers performance and a rugged frame:

And there’s the working man’s homemade version:

This third video is an ad for NYCEwheels, so it’s a bit of an ad. Still, it’s instructive, showing how a foldable bike like the well-known Brompton can be converted to electric, creating the best of both worlds:

Here’s a look at the ELF, an enchanting green vehicle that’s a bike like no other. The ELF is made by Organic Transit in Raleigh, NC.

Here’s a glimpse of a three-wheeler made by Worksman Bikes of Queens, NY; because not everyone travels solo. Worksman has been making bikes for special uses for more than 100 years, but they’re still on top of the latest developments, making their signature cart bikes (that hot dog and ice cream vendors use) as well as special needs and tandem bikes.