Shopping for garden hoses is becoming complicated, the more we learn about the chemistry of household products.

When Healthy tested garden hoses for toxic chemicals, the results were discouraging. More than 65 percent of the 21 hoses tested this year were made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, a compound that’s harmful to the environment and leaches chlorine.

All of the PVC hoses were found to contain the same phthalates that are banned for kids toys.

Hoses made of PVC and other materials were found to release lead, cadmium and bromine (used in flame retardants). Exposure to even small amounts of these chemicals has been associated with neurological damage, causing liver problems and endocrine disruption (which can affect the onset of puberty and fertility).

Granted, your garden hose alone probably won’t send you to the hospital, but it can add to the aggregate body burden of chemicals that scientists are worried are behind a variety of health issues.

So…..wouldn’t it be better to unfurl a non-toxic hose to fill the swimming pool, spray down the kids or water the tomatoes?

Luckily, Healthy found three hoses that rated low for toxic residues or ingredients — meaning they were the top-rated hoses in the Health survey.
Garden Hose - 50craftsmanpremiumheavy-dutyrubbergardenhose2013

This Craftsman 50-foot hose made of rubber tested low for toxic ingredients.


This Swan soaker hose also was found to be mostly non-toxic, and it’s made in America.

Garden Hose roomessentialscoil

This cute Room Essentials Coil Hose was low-toxic and colorful.