Here’s an idea that needs no artificial “spin” because it’s built in.

The Siva Cycle Atom snaps onto your bike’s rear wheel hub and collects energy while you pedal, powering a rechargeable battery pack that can be used to charge electronic devices, while you ride or afterward. The device picks up its energy from the spinning wheels, energy that would otherwise be lost to the world.

Siva Atom charger

This gadget made to power gadgets simple makes so much sense, you wonder why don’t have one already.

At least Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt of San Francisco have developed a prototype, after two years of tinkering. They’re cruising ahead fast on Kickstarter, making the Siva nearly a reality on this Bike Month 2013.

Here’s how they explain the Siva Cycle Atom:

The Atom is designed with top of the line magnetic rotors, powerful lithium batteries and will be assembled here in the USA. As you ride, it harnesses the kinetic energy you generate, either directly charging your device or storing the energy in the detachable battery pack, giving you on-demand power whenever and wherever you need it. The Atom is for the modern commuter cyclist, the urban biker, the weekend rider, the gadget lover, the green fanatic, and anyone that’s ever needed a charge on the go.

As if biking — the healthy, no-carbon way to get around — needed anything else to recommend it.