From Green Right Now Reports

The city of Austin remains at Stage 2 watering restrictions. This is a conservation level at which residents may water twice a week on specified days.

Water experts, however, say that watering a lawn can often be done effectively with once per week watering, depending on the heat and natural rainfall.

The advantage of once-a-week watering is that it can train turf to root more deeply, if the lawn receives an adequate soaking.

Notice that residents with automatic sprinkler systems are asked to water after 7 p.m. or before 5 a.m., to minimize evaporation.

stage 2 water Austin

It also pays to be green: Drip irrigation, because it is so much more efficient than spray sprinkling, as well as soaker hose watering for vegetable gardens, is allowed at any time, according to Austin Water.

Those who violate the rules will be warned, and thereafter can be fined $475, according to the utility.