From Green Right Now Reports

Zebra mussels are poised to invade the Lone Star state, now that they inhabit Lake Texoma on the border with Oklahoma.

And these invasives make Asian carp look like your bff. The mussels don’t just proliferate and take over the lake ecosystems, squeezing out native fish and other aquatic life (as the Asian carp have), they also adhere like barnacles to boats and infrastructure, creating obstructions that can stop motors and clog pipes. That’s a big problem for Texas, because the state pumps drinking water from its reservoirs. The mussels have been known to bring such systems to a grinding halt.

So the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is quite serious when it says boat owners must pay attention to this issue, and make sure they don’t transfer the mussels or their larvae from contaminated to so-far uncontaminated lakes. The department will be fining boat owners who willingly or unwittingly transfer mussels. It’s also put out this video to help boat owners squelch hitchhiking mussels.