From Green Right Now Reports

So you don’t have a pressure canner? Neither do we. You can still preserve fruits and vegetables by canning, using a large pot of boiling water, sterilized jars and all that.

Or you can freeze and dry produce from your garden or the farmer’s market. Here are a few quick ideas for saving summer fruits and vegetables with little fuss.

From Maine, this extension service video shows just how easy it is to stash tomatoes for later. Tomatoes come out fine, especially in sauces.

We’re not sure who this woman is, but she gets right to the point about how easy it is to freeze berries, and her info is solid.

Here’s a fellow from the UK talking about two ways to save his “glut of tomatoes.”  This video has some odd framing, but we found this home chef to be quite watchable, and the fact that his oven needs cleaning, we see as endearing. You may feel otherwise.