From Green Right Now Reports

Six women climbed London’s tallest building, the glitzy, 310-meter-tall “Shard,” on Thursday to protest Shell Oil’s plans to drill in the Arctic.

Greenpeace, known for staging dramatic protests to draw attention to environmental issues, arranged the daring climb, which took 15 hours.

The women safely reached the top of the glassy skyscraper, which houses Shell Oil’s London headquarters, about 7:30 p.m. on July 11. They were met by police and arrested for trespassing, but not before they posted pictures and tweeted from their perch atop the city.

The climbers, in their 20s and 3os, had trained for the climb for several weeks, according to The Guardian, which also reported that the women were so exhausted at the end, they took naps afterward in their jail cells before being questioned by police.

Greenpeace reported on the dramatic protest action in real time on the Internet and from the group’s radio channel. The video here is a portion of the group’s reporting.