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Tour des Trees 1

A tree planting at the 2012 tour.

Nearly 100 bicyclists, most of them arborists and forestry experts, will ride around Lake Ontario next week to spread the message that trees are worth cherishing and must be cared for properly.

The 2013 STIHL Tour des Trees, a rolling event that raises money for the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund has been going since 1992. Each year, groups of tree professionals head out on a tree-lined tour to both raise awareness and plant trees.

This year’s route will take the cyclists along 585 miles from Niagara Falls to Toronto, with stops along the way in Rochester, Syracuse and several Canadian communities. Along the way, the participates will conduct plantings and community events to promote urban forests.

One stop will feature the City of Rochester’s program for protecting its ash trees from the deadly Emerald Ash Borer; another will incorporate a presentation on research on the American chestnut trees underway at State University of New York College o Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF).

Tour des Trees 2

The 2012 tour in Oregon.

To catch up with the tree tour, which has raised around $6 million since it began in 1992, visit the website of the STIHL Tour des Trees.

In addition to highlighting the value of trees, the benefit raises money for tree research and scholarships for aspiring tree care professionals. It is the single largest fundraiser for tree research, according to organizers, and has underwritten hundreds of grants advancing arboriculture, urban forestry and safety for practitioners.

The tour kicks off July 27 and winds up August 3 at Ontario’s Toronto Island, which hosts the International Tree Climbing Competition and Arbor Fair.

Chainsaw and equipment maker STIHL is the title sponsor. Several other groups donate to support the event.