Green Right Now Reports

Here’s a warm about fuzzy story about Kermit, a small town in West Texas.

Kermit Water TowerIt has just banned plastic bags.

Kermit, population 5,700, is one-time oil town that sits near the border with New Mexico in the vast oil-endowed Permian Basin.

It might be small and isolated, but Kermit is just as serious as Los Angeles, which also banned plastic bags this month, about stopping the plastic pollution that is killing marine life, clogging storm drains and apparently also causing havoc in West Texas cotton fields, where the flimsy bags get caught up in the harvest and are accidentally ginned with the crop. (According to Surfrider’s Bill Hickman in this blog.)

Aside from that, these bags are mere waste, used for about 12 minutes on average before being discarded, notes the town’s website.

Once the bags are banned at all retail establishments with sales of at least $1 million per year or more (too bad the Walmart’s in nearby Midland-Odessa) starting on Oct. 1, 2013, shoppers will be  “encouraged to use reusable shopping bags whenever possible.”

Grocery shoppers can still get small plastic bags for for fruits and vegetables. But for other small items, not so much. Kermit shoppers will have these options:

  • No carryout bag – Few, small items that can be carried by hand; Items with handles; or Items packed back into shopping carts/baskets
  • Customer-owned clean carryout bag, box, cart, or basket
  • Store-purchased carryout bag (paper or reusable)

In other words, carry it yourself Cookie Monster!