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Sugars in Soda small promoIncreasingly, we see that high sugar consumption leads to a myriad of health issues, notably diabetes. New research also shows that a diet high in sugar high sugar contributes to heart disease.

Yet the sweet stuff is hard to avoid when so many grocery items are now “enhanced” with high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners, and many sodas, coffee drinks and juices comes with enough grams of sugar to spike blood sugar in just about anyone of any size, whether they have weight issues or not.

But it’s time to start reading those food labels, because now, you can add declining mental capabilities to the list of potential health problems linked to sugar.

A new peer-reviewed study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that high long term blood sugar levels can increase one’s risk of developing dementia — and that’s even before excess blood sugar triggers diabetes.

Here’s how the Physicians for Responsible Medicine, which advocates for a more healthful diet high in plant foods, described the study.

Researchers from the Adult Changes in Thought study followed 2,067 men and women aged 65 or older who were members of Group Health Cooperative in Washington state.¬†Over a 6.8-year observation period, high blood sugar levels were associated with an increased likelihood of developing dementia.¬†Compared with an average blood glucose value of 100 mg/dl, an average blood glucose of 115 mg/dl was associated with a 15 percent increased risk of developing dementia.Prior studies show that diabetes is associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The new study shows an increased risk of dementia even in people without diabetes.