From Green Right Now Reports

Give plastic an inch and it seems to take a mile. Look how it’s insinuated itself into the school year shopping. It coats binders and notebook covers, encases pens, glue and tape. It’s wrapped around highlighters and crayons and notebook paper. Folders are wrapped in plastic. Plastic is wrapped in plastic.

But it’s not the school supplies that are most distressingly plastic. The flotilla of plastic disposables that stand ready to bag, bundle and secure everything in Junior’s school lunch represent a steady stream of waste marching toward the landfill.

Plastic utensils, plastic baggies, plastic wrap and plastic bottles are used for a few hours and then discarded, and maybe, sometimes recycled.

Solutions have multiplied, though. We now know how to pack a more eco-worthy lunch using reusable cloth snack “taxis” or sandwich wraps. We can buy compostable paper sandwich bags and stainless steel salad containers.

And then there’s plastic. Reusable plastic.

This school year we found one plastic item that was difficult to resist, and so we didn’t, and here’s why.

Lunch BLOX by Rubbermaid

The Lunch Blox sandwich kit includes a sammie box, two small containers and one medium one (absent in this picture because it went to school).

Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox Sandwich Kit is made of plastic, but it is recyclable, highly functional and you could use it for years.

Blox offer the benefits of plastic; it’s lightweight, snaps together tightly and is craftily molded into just the right sizes. And being constructed of sturdy BPA-free plastic that’s designed to last, it slips out of the disposable category into that narrow area in which function persuades us that this product passes the eco-sniff test.

The Blox line also invisibly takes into account changing eating habits by providing compartments for healthy snacks, Bento Box style.

Kids…nay, adults too, need to be eating healthier and Blox offers four boxes, to hold a sandwich and three packs of snacks. Technically, you could fill them with sugar and fat. But they’re right-sized for veggie sticks, a handful of nuts or a spot of pasta salad.

Blox sandwich kitWait, there’s more. Did we mention it all fits together in a block (Blox) with a Blue Ice slab to keep things cold situated in the middle.

Customers seem to have responded to all this thoughtful innovation, judging by the overwhelmingly reviews on Rubbermaid’s website (surely Rubbermaid wouldn’t plant positive remarks and scrub negative ones?).

One reviewer, not atypical, pretty much said it all:

“This product is wonderful. You’ll save money as you will not need to use baggies and they fit great in tall lunch boxes. The sandwich container fit the bread we use with more room for larger slices of bread. The snack size containers work great for pudding, crackers, fruit, cold salads and more. They also do not leak and lids are easy for children to take off. Also when kids are eating lunch they can snap the lids to the bottom of the containers so they do not get misplaced or accidentally thrown away. The blue ice fits in the middle to keep items cold plus you can purchase additional LunchBlox containers for more food. A wonderful durable product for school lunches.”