By Barbara Kessler
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Rob Hopkins 3 - May 2013 - Photo Credit - Jim Wileman

Rob Hopkins, author of “The Power of Just Doing Stuff” (Photo: Jim Wileman)

OK, book lovers, locavores, gardeners and survivalists, listen up! Nike says “Just Do It” and permaculturalist Rob Hopkins says “Just Do Stuff.”

Both have the same message, ‘Don’t wait’.¬† Climate change is urgent. Finding our path to sustainability, urgent. Cleaning up the planet. It’s all got to happen quickly.

And, to borrow another catchphrase, it takes a village.

It does.

Also our elected, appointed and anointed leaders cannot do it alone, and as we an plainly see, some of them are not doing much at all.

Persuaded yet? Hopkins hopes to pull you in with his book, The Power of Just Doing Stuff: How Local Action Can Change the World.

We haven’t read it yet (we will), but his rallying cry, which is a little bit like think globally, act locally, but more like think locally and also act locally, calls upon us all to get started in small ways, wherever we are, on building Earth 2.0. Here’s the promotional video for the book:


Hopkins’s previous work has been co-founding a “Transition Town” in Ireland, and writing The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependence to Local Resilience and The Transition Companion: Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times.

You can meet Hopkins, who normally hangs at home in Ireland, at various stops in the U.S. this fall, including at SXSWEco in Austin Oct. 7-9. Oddly enough, SXSWEco last year hosted Annie Leonard, famous for her work, The Story of Stuff.

Here’s Hopkins’ schedule:

New Orleans (10/1-10/2) for the Environmental Grantmakers Association Retreat (private) and a public event at Tulane University

Boston (10/3) at Tufts University

Portland, ME (10/4) as a Featured Speaker on the eve of the New England Transition Gathering & Resilience HUB Regional Gathering 

New York (10/5-6) at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living “Where Do We Go From Here” Conference. Register for Omega’s free live webcast to watch Rob’s talk!

Houston (10/8) for a Sustainable Houston Town Hall at Rice University

Austin (10/9) as a distinguished speaker at SXSW Eco Conference (Transitioners can purchase discounted tickets using code “reg-eco-mark13_nt5x9ht676”)

San Francisco/North Bay (10/10-12) with Gopal Dayaneni for a public talk in Oakland, and as a keynote speaker at the Building Resilient Communities: Northern California Transition & Permaculture Convergence.

Los Angeles (10/13-14) for The Power of Just Doing Stuff Festival with Andy Lipkis of Tree People and D’Artagnan Scorza of Social Justice Learning Institute and the Just Doing Stuff Fair in Pasadena.

Milwaukee (10/15-16) for the Brew City Abundance Tour and Bash with Mayor Tom Barrett

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