From Green Right Now Reports

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has identified six American cities as the most energy efficient in its 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

Boston won the contest, which looked at city initiatives, building efficiency, energy and water programs and transportation.

Austin made the cut at number six, scoring well in all categories, but especially in the community initiatives and buildings categories.

The report gave Austin, Boston, New York and Seattle high points for making sure that new commercial and residential buildings meet the most rigorous efficiency standards and for helping the city residents to be as energy efficient as possible.

These cities have made significant efforts supporting the adoption of stringent building energy codes, devoted noteworthy resources to building code compliance, established requirements and/or incentives for efficient buildings, set policies to improve the availability of information on energy use in buildings, and supported significant program and workforce infrastructure to provide residents access to comprehensive efficiency services.

ACEEE singled Austin out, specifically for its Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure law, which “requires all large buildings to rate and report energy use” and asks poor performers to make improvements.

Austin also won praise for taking steps to mitigate the heat island effect and for communicating its programs to residents, and for not waiting for the state of Texas to enact energy efficiency policies.

Austin is notable as the city furthest ahead of its state on energy efficiency policy. While Austin led Texas in all policy areas, the difference was most significant on policies
regarding building efficiency.

The other top cities were, in order of performance, Portland, San Francisco and New York City (tied for third place) and Seattle.

The ACEEE report ranked 34 cities in total. You can find the city report card here.