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Andras Forgacs on his manufactured meat and leather....What if obtaining meat didn’t require raising, confining, mistreating and slaughtering billions of animals?

Andras Forgacs , CEO of Modern Meadow, is one of a vanguard of innovators who are researching ways to grow meat in a lab to more efficiently and more humanely produce meat tissue to feed the world. (Earlier this year, Dutch researchers produced a test-tube hamburger in a project funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The slab of meat produced became known as the $330,000 burger for the total development costs.)

Forgacs believes lab-grown or 3-D printed meat, made from animal cells minus the suffering, will become available within the next 30 years, relieving the planet of the burden of providing land and feed for billions of animals and making food production safer and more civilized. He’s starting by “biofabricating” real leather that can be made into wallets, purses and other leather produces. He calls this leather, which he shows in the video below, a “gateway material” that is providing scientists with valuable information needed to advance toward the big prize, eco-friendly, manufactured meat.