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Organic food advocacy Cornucopia Institute has released this list of companies that opposed labeling GMO foods in the recent initiative in Washington state known as I-522.

The graphic shows the companies that helped defeat I-522, which would have required foods to carry a label if they contained genetically modified ingredients. Those companies spent more than $20 million to defeat I-522, which lost at the ballot box last week.

The companies shown on the right in the chart, in the green area, supported labeling. These organic companies, in other words, favor disclosure.

The list helps sort out for consumers who’s on what side of the hard-fought battles — first in California and this month in Washington — to label food that comes from genetically modified crops. It’s not always easy to tell who’s who, as the lists below illustrate. Several organic food companies appear on the left side, in the column against labeling, because they’ve been bought by major corporations that oppose labeling.
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Organic brands that support GMO labels vs. Companies that fought I-522 in Washington