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Wonderbag womanHere’s one brilliant idea out of Africa that can have a huge impact on climate emissions, and help you do some social good.
The Wonderbag accomplishes all this by capitalizing on the age-old art of slow cooking. Heat a stew, rice or casserole dish on the stove to get it hot and bubbly, simmer briefly and then turn off the flame or heating element, or in the case of those cooking in developing communities, the soot-producing wood fire, and move the pot into this insulated, pillow-like bag to slow cook for the coming hours.

Later, if you followed directions, you’ve got a piping hot entree, and a much lower carbon footprint for the day.

Wonderbag in use 2

Buy a Wonderbag and another is sent to a household that can benefit.

But wait, there’s more. This bag not only helps you reduce your energy consumption, is even more meaningful for households in villages in Africa or Asia, where women still rely on wood cookstoves that create unhealthy indoor air and require constant refueling. For them, the Wonderbag a represents cleaner air, more economical cooking, a time saver and a way to improve the safety of the women and girls who must forage for wood.

When you buy a Wonderbag, the company sends another one to a family in need, a la the Tom’s Shoe model.