Joel SalatinJoel Salatin, local food advocate, author and owner of Polyface Farms in Virginia, has spent the last several years telling people what they must do to build local, healthful food networks that support farmers and bring fresh, quality foods to customers.

The third-generation, libertarian-leaning farmer has written books that deride the present government- controlled system for favoring mega corporations that grow foods with pesticides, hormones and GMOs while squeezing out the small, local producers who can bring efficiency, seasonality and more environmental responsibility to the market.

Rallying family farmers and foodies to this locavore cause, Salatin has appeared at dozens of fairs and seminars. Here he speaks at a January fundraiser for Urban Acres in Dallas, a CSA with farmstands in several DFW suburbs. Salatin maintains that we need to return to the simpler, purer food of a century ago. Sample his philosophy in this video excerpt and see if you agree.