Green Right Now Reports

Eco Born GlassesEco Born eye glass frames weren’t the first eco eyeglasses to be born, but they may be the most environmentally committed line of eyewear.

The company pledges that its frames are made of 95 percent recycled materials. That gives them an eco-edge over some other environmentally minded brands that are made from say bamboo, or plastic that’s derived from castor bean oil, instead of petroleum.

Eco Born Glasses 3Designed by the eyewear boutique Modo, they’re also fun and colorful, and socially conscious (yeah so are Warby Parkers but in a different way).

Each purchase of an Eco Born pair of glasses triggers a tree purchase in Cameroon, where the company says its reforesting program has resulted in 791,202 trees being planted, moving it close to its goal of 1 million.

True, trees may be fairly affordable in Cameroon. Still, the effort has impact. Working with Trees for the Future, the re-greening program is returning a useful landscape to local people.

Naturally, you’ll have to decide if these specs look good and come in just the right shade of gentle magenta or quirky turquoise that you’re seeking. But if you do like what you see, then rest assured that these glasses have a vision.

Available at a variety of specialty eyewear stores, and now also available at Visionworks, which this month has launched the brand in several of its stores in the New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis metro areas.