The Solar Foundation’s Solar Jobs report shows that California, the number one state for solar jobs, enjoyed 8 percent growth in that sector in 2013, and now employs nearly 50,000 people in the solar industry.

solar-panelsBy contrast, Texas ranks sixth in solar jobs, supporting 4,100 jobs in the sector.

The reasons these two large, sunny states have such different solar profiles can be found in their varied market stances and state policies toward solar. California has developed as the center of US solar manufacturing and has enacted rebates and other policies that help make solar more affordable.

California enjoys “favorable market conditions as well as supportive in-state policies,” which are likely to keep the state in the lead for solar installations and jobs, the foundation report noted.

The top solar states, by rank and number of solar jobs are:

Number 1: California with 47,223 jobs

Number 2: Arizona with 8,558 solar jobs.

Number 3: New Jersey with 6,500 jobs.

Number 4: Massachusetts with 6,400 jobs.

Number 5: New York with 5,000 jobs.

Number 6: Texas with 4,100 jobs.