GRN Reports:

Get ready, set, bahk! Austin’s 6th Annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour is April 19, and its organizers are promising a better show than ever.

Chicken coop at a school in Austin

A sneak peek at one of the chicken coops. Built by volunteers with recycled wood and materials, it was cheap-cheap.

The Tour has a new headquarters, at the Sunshine Community Gardens at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 4814 Sunshine Drive, Austin, Texas 78756. The new space brings together chickens with community gardens, a symbiotic relationship as chicken people know, and provides a place to park, set up chicken exhibits and kick off the tour. The headquarters opens at 8:15 am, not quite when the cock crows, but early enough. Tour maps ($12 each) will go on sale at 9 am, or you can get them ahead of time online.funky chicken thumbnail

You can take the tour by car, van or with a group of bicyclists. Rides for various levels and distances will be available for the Bicycle Tour de Funky Chickens hosted by the Austin Cycling Association.

Activities will include: A talk by Cameron Molberg of Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill, “Getting started with Chickens,” at 8:30 am., as well as a live chicken corral. For kids there’s “The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for the Sustainable Easter Egg” and a Children’s Chicken Story Time, courtesy of our Austin Public Libraries.

The tour promotes healthy food production and donates a portion of tour proceeds to local food causes every year. For 2014, the recipient is the New Farm Institute, which is “working to inspire a new generation of sustainable farmers in the urban fringe.”

For more info, see the AFCC website, where you’ll also find the details for various backyard chicken meet-ups. The tour also is looking for volunteers.