A new analysis of government statistics on wind, solar and geothermal power has determined the top “Clean Tech” states and cities in the US.

The analysis also used the number of electric cars per capita to find the most advanced green energy states and cities.

Texas did not make the top 10 for states, but Austin was among the top 10 cities.

CLEAN TECH CITIES TOP 10 -- By Clean Edge Inc., Austin

Source: Clean Edge Inc.

While Texas is known as the largest wind generator among states, it falls down when the energy produced is measured on a per capita basis. Texas also lags in solar power, though Austin and San Antonio have big solar projects underway. Finally Texas did not make the top states for Electric Vehicle use, perhaps because the distances in the Lone Star state are hard to cover without a re-charge. Californians, though, are adopting EVs the fastest.


Source: Clean Edge Inc.

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