GRN Reports

I found this idea at The Lovely Plants blog, where there are many more tips for upcycling old wood and other riff-raff from around the house.

Obviously, a lot of effort went into this project, which beautifies the landscape, while salvaging a tree that either fell or had to be cut down.


This resonated with me because I have an elm tree in the backyard that an arborist has advised needs to go. There are simply too many trees competing for space along the back fence, and he thinks that salvaging this elm, would save the water oak struggling for air on one side of it.

It’s terrible, but sometimes even trees need to be pruned. So my idea for honoring this elm would be to cut it off at the 5- or 6-foot mark and then endow it with a platform where we could feed the birds in the winter. With the right attachment at this height, the structure could be made inaccessible to the squirrels, which are always interfering with our lower- hanging bird seed feeder. (Sorry squirrels, you’ll have to stockpile the acorns, which our trees provide in spades.)

My humble young elm is not at all like the mighty tree above, with it’s multiplicity of stumps. But it both cases, I like how a clever reuse scheme can pay homage to the tree that once lived there.