GRN Reports

The activist group Shield the People will host a climate march in Austin on Sunday for people who want to show solidarity with the global push for climate action and the People’s Climate March in New York City.

The local march, open to the public, will assemble on the South Lawn of the Texas Capitol grounds at 11 am on Sunday, Sept. 21.

Shield the People, a community movement of the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Tribe in South Dakota organized to protect the rights of the people and the land for future generations, will be joined in Austin by members of, BOLD Nebraska, Unify, Sierra Club, ACAN, The Texas Drought Project and dozens, or hundreds, of concerned Texans who are invited to the event to march for climate justice.

The goal of the march: To stop “mining corporations; oil, coal and gas companies; pipelines and refineries; biofuels plantations; nuclear power plants; waste and biomass incinerators, and industry profiteers unconcerned with the destruction of our communities, our cultures and our ecosystems.”

“September 21st will mark a paradigm shift for the environmental movement in Austin and Central Texas,” said Dave Cortez, Central Texas Organizer for the Sierra Club. “As people mobilize across the country and the world, hundreds of Austinites will come together to stand in solidarity with the marchers in NYC, to celebrate the good work being done to set Austin on a path to an affordable clean energy future, and to educate each other about the intersections between climate justice, poverty, and community based organizing.”

Shield the People and BOLD Nebraska have been fighting the Keystone pipeline, which will traverse tribal lands and also the delicate Sand Hills region of Nebraska. The groups, among many others, believe that Keystone will accelerate climate change by delivering dirty tar sands oil to world markets.

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