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Here’s a new fun way to recycle and create a gift with a Mason jar that you’ve probably got in your pantry already.

Fix it up with a reusable cap, fill it with a bird seed mix, pair it with a bird journal or guidebook and you’ve just created a unique gift. It’s perfect for your bird-loving friends and for the season, which is quickly turning cold for wintering birds. See the details and buy the lids here.

If you don’t have this exact jar, there are caps available for other sizes. These ingenious, reusable lids are BPA-free. They were invented by a frustrated mom seeking a pour cap for Mason jars and are now made and sold by a small business team in Erie, Pennsylvania. The team launched Re-CAP with a crowdfunding campaign this year.

ReCap for Mason Jars

Re-cap helps you reuse your Mason jars for snacks, soup and all kinds of pantry staples.

The idea is that you can use these glass storage jars year round, for snacks, salad dressing, homemade sauces and salsas, and not just for sealed canning projects.

The combination of BPA-free plastic and recyclable, non-toxic glass is clean and green. And the caps come in both regular and wide mouth sizes.

See the product page on the Mason Jars website for more info.