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It is happening. Kale. At McDonald’s.

The rumors were true, the burger joint’s got a yen for something new and has settled on the hipstery leafy green known for packing Vitamin A and punching up juices — a vegetable it previously shunned.

The chain will be testing kale in two breakfast bowls that it will serve at several Southern California locations. Apparently Ronald wants to dip his toes in before taking the vegetable to Kansas or Texas.

The bowls that will get the greens are the Turkey Sausage & Egg White bowl, which also has spinach and bruschetta. The other option is a Chorizo & Egg bowl, which includes a hash brown, cheddar jack cheese and pico de gallo, according to a McD’s spokeswoman.

No word yet on whether the kale will replace the spinach in that Turkey sausage bowl, or will there be two greens in that one?
McDonalds Will Never Be Kale crossed out

McD’s ran a Big Mac ad promising that its burger would “never be kale” — because this would appeal to people who hate kale (?) — but now you have to cross out the “never.”

The future of this tenuous marriage of fast food and healthy greens depends on whether Californians are lovin’ it or hating it.
Speaking of, McD’s is so far ignoring the fact it was hating on kale in an ad for Big Macs just months ago. But such are the vagaries of marketing.
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