From Austin Parks Foundation

Oak Springs School Park is a playground park located in East Austin off Webberville Road. The park is connected to Oak Springs Elementary and is operated by both the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, as well as Austin Independent School District.

In April, Oak Springs School Park was destroyed in a fire, receiving $95,000 in damages. The park received a community grant from Austin Parks Foundation for $50,000, as well as donations from C3 Presents and individual donors. The grant and money raised will go towards rebuilding the playground, replacing amenities, and rehabilitating grass and trees.

The UT football team volunteered on July 15th to help with the project. Players mulched the trees in the park, focusing especially on trees that were affected by the fire. They also helped by painting park structures such as benches. We appreciate the work put in by the team and the dedication to their community. Director of Player Development Kevin Washington says “Helping with the playground showed the community that they have support from Texas Football and also sends a message that the community of Austin will band together when something devastating like this happens”.

More volunteer days are currently scheduled for later in the summer, with help from the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and C3 Presents. Volunteerism is essential to projects like these because of their low-cost impact. Through these volunteer days, we can ensure that parks are taken care of, and can continue to be enjoyed by the community.

If you are interested in volunteering with Austin Parks Foundation, check the volunteer page, subscribe on Dojour, or check out GivePulse.