Price: $16.95

Do you care about the planet? Be an advocate of change with this brassiere! The Boody Organic Shaper Bra is underwear made from organic materials such as bamboo. It is eco-friendly, sustainable and good for the environment.

The Bamboo eco wear concept started when we discovered how sustainable it was. Bamboo is a fast growing plant on our planet that does not require fertilizers to flourish. It can be harvested like grass every season! Boody, with its organic and chemical free fabrics, provide you with great and friendly underwear.

Stylish and wearable, you can use it for any activity every minute of every day! It is soft and comfortable, breathable and fits nice on the skin. No more uncomfortable feeling! It doesn’t have buckles, clasps, or even underwires that can itch, pinch or squeeze your skin. All you have is a smooth and seamless bra perfect for that sexy dress and shirt you’ve always wanted to wear. Not only that, but it is also antibacterial and anti-fungal thanks to its materials being organic and chemical free.

Feel and look Boody-ful from the inside out with the Boody Organic Shaper Bra!

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Show your love for Mother Nature by wearing this bra! The Boody shaper bra is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Material composition is 80% Rayon made from organically grown bamboo, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex.
SEAMLESSLY SEXY – Wearing seamless underwear can make a woman feel more sexy and beautiful. You can wear it under a form fitting dress without the feel and look of wearing one. You can even wear it just like a sports bra for your yoga and Pilates sessions, or for running and hiking.
GENTLE TO THE SKIN – Do buckles, clasps or underwire annoy you? Worry not, because the Boody Organic Shaper Bra is free from all of that. Yes, you read it right! It is designed with absolutely no hindrances and no things to irritate you and your skin. No more pinching, itching, and squeezing. Only pure comfort when you wear this bra!
COMFORTABLE STRAPS – Move freely and confidently as you do the activities you want without the feeling of discomfort, with this Boody Shaper Bra. It super soft and comfortable to wear that you will love every minute of it. It is designed with contour ribbed straps that are wide enough to support, but cannot be seen easily.
EVERY DAY WEAR – Whether you want to have fun, go to work, travel, relax, exercise, or just lounge around, this underwear is right for you. With its breathable and hypoallergenic qualities, you can wear it every day for any activity you have. No hindrances at all!