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French Pink Clay

Gently detoxifies and cleanses, leaving skin soft and nourished.

Rose Geranium Oil

Promotes rapid cellular healing, draws moisture to skin, heals broken capillaries and evens skin complexion.

Blood Orange Oil

Powerful antioxidant that fills cells with water and nourishment. Contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, which is essential to the production of collagen. It also stimulates circulation, clears blemishes and assists in the release of toxins.

Coconut Oil

A hydrating and skin softening oil that makes an excellent cleanser. Coconut oil rids the skin of dirt and impurities, while its antibacterial properties make it naturally great for reducing blemishes and inflamed skin.

Olive Oil

Made from the pulp of the fruit of the palm tree, it is an edible oil that is full of fatty acids and antioxidants. The oil softens skin and aids in the recovery of skin damage.

White Kaolin Clay

Is the most gentle clay available and is soothing to irritated or inflamed skin.


– Parabens

– Sulfates

– Synthetic Fragrances

– Synthetic Dyes

– Petrochemicals

– Animal Testing

– GMOs

Known For Drawing Out Impurities & Toxins From Deep Within, While Nourishing, Hydrating & Replenishing Your Skin
Refreshing, With a Silky Smooth Texture & An Invigorating Citrus & Floral Scent Resulting In A Clearer Complexion
May Be Used As A Face and/or Body Soap
100% Natural & Effective – 100% Vegan
4 oz