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Six women climb London’s ‘Shard’ skyscraper to protest Shell’s planned arctic drilling

July 12th, 2013

In an inventive and grueling protest of arctic oil drilling, six women scaled the tallest tower in London, the Shard building, to send a message to Shell Oil.

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Here’s how Shell’s errant arctic oil rig made it to safety

January 9th, 2013

The fate of Shell’s deep sea oil platform, the Kulluk, captured attention last week when it cut loose in choppy seas and ran aground on Kodiak Island in Alaska. Observers held their breath, waiting to hear if the rig had been damaged and was leaking oil. It wasn’t.

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Alaska seeks court ruling on offshore drilling ‘moratorium’

September 14th, 2010

The state of Alaska has filed a petition in federal court to overturn the Obama administration’s moratorium on drilling in federal waters of the Arctic.

The problem: Interior Department officials insist that no such formal moratorium exists.

Filed in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, the petition says the Interior Department “arbitrarily and capriciously imposed” a moratorium on drilling in federal waters off Alaska after the Deepwater Horizon disaster “without considering and weighing the potential effects on Alaska, including economic harm to the State of Alaska and Alaska residents.”

Interior Department officials, however, insist that the drilling moratorium imposed on deepwater Gulf of Mexico operations is separate from a policy decision to take a go-slow approach on new Arctic offshore drilling.

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Senator Lisa Murkowski, drilling away at environmental protections

June 3rd, 2010

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
While some U.S. senators struggle to find a way forward on climate action, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has stepped into the fray to call for a time out.
Murkowski, in fact, has been in the fray for a while. And while she’s not alone — many others in Congress have said they’re more concerned about slowing government regulations than slowing climate change — she has recently distinguished herself as one of the strongest opponents of controls on carbon pollution.

Murkowski, a longtime, ardent supporter of oil drilling, has become more vocal in the past year in her efforts to keep industry free of strong environmental controls. In January, she proposed stripping the EPA of its ability to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. More recently, she’s lamented that the BP oil disaster has temporarily halted exploratory offshore drilling in the arctic planned by Shell Oil for this summer; a topic that even many conservative opponents of climate action have remained silent on in the face of the ongoing historic, despoiling of the gulf.

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Against oil odds, Houston races to a greener future

May 14th, 2010

The Bayou City -- Greener than you think (Photo: Green Right Now)

The Bayou City -- greener than you think (Photo: Green Right Now)

Driving around Houston, or idling in traffic on one of the city’s big expanses of highway, it’s hard to think of the nation’s oil capital as a green city. Like other sprawling Sunbelt meccas built on the assumption that roads were forever, the city deals with intense traffic-related pollution. It’s known in the parlance of the EPA as a “non-attainment” metro area for its inability to meet healthy air quality targets. It can mount a hazy skyline to rival L.A.’s and it’s got the added burden of benzene and other toxics wafting in from nearby oil refineries. And still, the petrol city gets that it is a new greener day in America.

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Pushing the limits of combustion-engine efficiency

February 23rd, 2009

By John DeFore
Green Right Now

Most of us would love to find a car that got 75 miles per gallon. 150 mpg would make us think we’d died and gone to high-efficiency heaven. But thousands of miles per gallon?

That’s the goal of a group of students at Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University, who have already cruised hundreds of miles on a single gallon of juice. Of course, they’re not driving sedans: The mechanical engineering team led by Matthew Harding have built sleek, Kevlar-coated shells that can barely carry a full-sized human being, much less two sacks of groceries and a car seat for your kid.

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