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Tagged : air-conditioner

Cash rebates for appliances to begin around the country

January 4th, 2010

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Got a refrigerator that’s not so chillin’ anymore? A washer that’s approaching its last spin? When that appliance goes kaput, or maybe beforehand, you’ll want to check out your state’s federally funded appliance rebate program.

Energy Star Front Load Washer by Whirlpool

Energy Star Front Load Washer by Whirlpool

That’s right, you may be able to get a federal kickback, courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, just for replacing that old appliance with a new Energy Star one. But you’ll have to check your state’s guidelines.

Under the $300 million U.S. Department of Energy appliance rebate program, each state was

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Coolerado, using the sun to cool your house

March 2nd, 2009

By John DeFore
Green Right Now

Visitors to this past week’s RETECH convention in Las Vegas had the chance to judge firsthand the fairly astonishing claims of a company that says it can air condition a small office for less energy than is consumed by the average hair dryer.

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