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Six women climb London’s ‘Shard’ skyscraper to protest Shell’s planned arctic drilling

July 12th, 2013

In an inventive and grueling protest of arctic oil drilling, six women scaled the tallest tower in London, the Shard building, to send a message to Shell Oil.

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Stop the Frack Attack rallies in Dallas

March 3rd, 2013

Dozens of people worried about the environmental effects of gas and oil drilling in the US, gathered at the Stop the Frack Attack conference in Dallas this weekend. Highlights included presentations by people whose water and land have been contaminated by fracking, and a Skype address by Gasland director Josh Fox, who urged people to “stand and fight.”

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Will your university divest from fossil fuels?

January 23rd, 2013

Concerned about the heavy toll that carbon pollution is taking on the planet, students across the US are petitioning their colleges to divest from fossil fuels….By clicking on the link to their school, students are connected either to a petition they can sign, or a website for their campus group working for fossil fuel divestment.

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Find out more about hybrids at HybridCenter.org

June 24th, 2010

In an effort to house all the info about efficient vehicles in one virtual garage, the Union of Concerned Scientists has created HybridCenter.org.

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The downside of cheap gas

December 13th, 2008

By Heather Ishimaru
KGO-San Francisco

SANTA ROSA, CA — Gas prices have plummeted in recent weeks as dramatically as they climbed over the summer. Drivers are relieved, but is there a downside to the relief at the pumps? Maybe so.

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The carbon competition: US and China both take black

August 8th, 2008

By Barbara Kessler In the race for top carbon emissions polluter, the United States is still Number One, but China is sprinting forward and could soon edge into the lead. The current Olympics host nation accounted for a “staggering 57 percent of the growth of emissions” worldwide this century, and will likely surpass the U.S. [...]

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