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What you need to know: Home water conservation

March 9th, 2010


The EPA says homes use half the water in the U.S.

By Kate Nolan
Green Right Now

If you want to save something, try water. It’s going fast. Depletion of the U.S. water supply isn’t something you can argue about. It’s visible, measurable and predictable. Since 2005, every U.S. region has been short on water, and use increases annually. Even New York City has experienced drought in recent years.

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Greening in place, tips for retrofitting from LA’s Eco/Consulting US

August 6th, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

New green homes can awe-inspiring, both for their groundbreaking designs and their show of techno-muscle. Those tubular daylights, state-of-the-art solar panels, sleek recycled flooring, dehumidifying HVAC systems, complex gray water reclamation systems, louvered light “shelves” and heat-reflecting metal roofs can leave the common homeowner gaping — and wishing.

The truth is most of us won’t be building a brand new green castle, at least not anytime soon — and perhaps there’s something to be said for the alternative; let’s call it “greening in place”.

Almost any home can become more energy friendly, and this “in fill” project can occupy a very important spot in the urban landscape: your own lot!

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“Fix A Leak Week” coming up

March 1st, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Another day, another goofy week designation….The EPA has named March 16-20, Fix A Leak Week.

Hey, with the recession, this is the perfect solution to spring break. Instead of heading to the beach, which you can’t afford, you can rinse off in the shower after fixing the leaky toilet!

Seriously though. Spring is a good time to think about these things. Water seems to go on forever because it literally pours into our houses. But it’s finite.

Here’s some of the EPA’s advice to become a better conservator of this precious resource:

  • Install low-flow shower heads — This will pay for itself and doesn’t ruin the experience…(I’m a sucker for a hot, blasting shower, and truly, it’s been like giving up mayonnaise, after awhile you don’t miss it.).

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