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Tagged : floods

Hurricane Sandy: An SOS to the world

November 5th, 2012

Sting’s exquisite performance of “Message in a Bottle” hit just the right note for the Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together concert this past Friday.

Sandy, which savaged New Jersey, New York City and many points beyond with an estimated $20 billion in property damage from flooding, wind and rain could certainly be seen as an SOS to the world. More pointedly, it’s an urgent telegram to the U.S., where climate action has been hijacked by the world’s biggest hive of climate deniers, who’d like to either ignore climate change or wiggle away by labeling it “natural” and inescapable.

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Weird weather events connected? Nah

June 25th, 2011

If the increasing number of record weather events has been giving you a deeper sense of foreboding than even the prospect of Congress continuing to pass legislation, there’s a video you must see.
This piece by Plomomedia accompanied a Bill McKibben op-ed at the end of May. But it remains as relevant as ever, given the continuing extreme weather — at the time Texas was aflame and the Mississippi River was inundating the South; now Arizona’s burning and North Dakota’s Souris River is flooding.

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Think healthcare’s costly? Check out the co-pay for climate change

September 10th, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Not convinced that climate change matters? The Union of Concerned Scientists has concluded that if Americans adopt that stance, they’ll be gambling not just with their lungs, but with their pocketbooks.

The UCS surveyed 60 studies to better examine the anticipated financial toll of global warming if we fail to “dramatically curb emissions.” The nonprofit released the findings today in a report called “Climate Change in the United States: The Prohibitive Costs of Inaction”.

It found that rising sea levels, intense hurricanes, flooding, impaired public health and strained energy and water resources would all add up to one monumental price tag.

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