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Turn Down the Heat report says climate change could devastate today’s children

Climate change will singe today’s young generation. How much chaos it causes is still up to us, but not for long. This report by the World Bank paints a grim picture of how rising greenhouse gas emissions will lay waste to some crops, seaside cities and villages dependent on glacial waters. The time to act, 20 years ago, or now, according to this analysis.

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Sea World squirms as stock plummets; announces new plan for orcas

Sea World’s squirming like a wet sea mammal as Wall Street takes a dim view of its anticipated revenue losses. Animals rights advocates are celebrating the fallout from the documentary Blackfish, which uncovered mistreatment of the park’s orcas as well as the dangers that Sea World’s trainers face in working with these wild animals.

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Ohio red lights green energy

Ohio has joined Indiana, the only other state in the US to rollback or freeze its renewable energy targets. The legislature spiked Ohio’s green power goals at the urging of utilities that wanted to review them to make sure that onboarding green energy doesn’t raise electricity prices.

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For Earth Day, plant a tree

It’s Earth Day. How silly. We’re on this planet 24/7. But I guess after the Cuyahoga River went up in flames, it was time for a reminder.
Today, as we roast under a greenhouse gas blanket of around 400 ppm carbon dioxide, higher than it’s ever been for humans, the reminder’s still valuable.

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