Sales of fair trade products soared in 2011

Fair Trade USA, a major third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US, reported today that sales of Fair Trade certified goods grew by about 75 between the first and last quarters of 2011. Mainstream grocery, food and drug items grew even faster, recording a 95 percent increase in fair trade sales, a boom that was largely driven by the adoption of Fair Trade labels by major food brands like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Honest Tea, which have increased their Fair Trade commitments.

Poll says green consumers sticking with enviro-minded purchasing

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

The economy is in the tank. But green consumers haven’t tossed in their organic cotton towels.

A survey out today reports that 34 percent of Americans say they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible products today than they were a year ago. Another 44 percent say their environmental shopping habits have not changed as a result of the economy.

The Cone Consumer Environmental Survey concludes that Americans interest in preserving the environment is not getting washed away by economic worries.

Among the other findings:

  • 35 percent of Americans have higher expectations for companies to make and sell environmentally responsible products and services during the economic downturn

    Clinging to green products

    By Barbara Kessler
    Green Right Now

    This just in from the inaugural Greenwashing Forum in Portland: Four out of five people say they’re still buying green products, even in the midst of the U.S. recession, according to a new opinion poll.

    And they thought we were clinging to our guns and religion out here in the hinterlands!

    The study, commissioned by Green Seal, a green certifier, and EnviroMedia Social Marketing, which founded the Greenwashing Index, looked at opinions and green behaviors.

    It found that:

    • About 50 percent of the 1,000 people survey say they are buying just as many green products now as before the economic downturn

      Green Depot sets up shop in Manhattan

      By Barbara Kessler
      Green Right Now

      Green Depot, a Brooklyn-based supplier of environmentally sensitive building products and household products is extending its reach with a new flagship store in Manhattan.

      The depot’s new uptown presence, at 222 Bowery, is set to open on Feb. 12, with 3,500 square feet of retail space featuring products such as cork and bamboo flooring, air and water filtration systems and low VOC paints that can be sampled a “paint bar”.

      The new store will have a special section featuring new innovations on the market and another area devoted to helping parents create an eco-friendly, healthful environment for their children.

      Browsers beware, you’ll need to remain alert: products will be displayed with eco-report cards, part of the store’s proprietary “icon” labeling system, that are designed to educate consumers. The labels explain how and why a product is green, assessing it in the areas of air quality, conservation, energy use, local origins and responsibility.