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Pilot plans plastic fuel-powered flight from Sydney to London

Move over Flight of the Bumblebee. Hello Flight of the Butter Tubs.

That’s what you could call the daring 12,000 mile journey that Australian pilot Jeremy Rowsell is planning for early next year, when he will fly a single engine plane from Sydney to London on fuel that’s neither gasoline, kerosene nor any other traditional aircraft propellant.

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Super Bowl XLV will bring trees to North Texas

Super Bowl XLV, which will be played at Cowboys Stadium next February, will bring a lot of green to North Texas, and not just money. Trees, too. The NFL Environmental Program kicked off with a tree planting ceremony in Arlington this summer, with the shining new dome of Cowboys Stadium in the background. By the time the Super Bowl is played, thousands of trees will have been planted across North Texas in 13 separate tree projects.

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