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New York approves enviro-friendly B Corps; Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Illinois could be next

B Corps, or benefit corporations, have arrived in the state of New York.
Earlier this month, the legislature passed, and Gov. Cuomo signed, a bill (S.79-A) approving this new type of corporate structure in which companies promise to have a positive impact on the environment and watch out for the rights of workers and communities.
State officials then immediately registered 13 companies as B Corps on Feb 10, the same day the law was enacted.

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Golf courses get greener with robot mower

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Consider golfing in a downturn: On the one hand, golfers might find the club a great place to forget their troubles. On the other hand, country clubs are sure to be tightening their beltways, just like everyone else.

We recently stumbled on one way country clubs might keep their greens tidy, while keeping green, and saving cash – a triple win! Simply, it’s a robot.

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