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Green America urges an alternative shopping day, Green Tuesday

It’s the most wonderful (shopping) time of the year.

Grow your own gourmet mushrooms with this kit by Back to the Roots.

Unless you fear being trampled by mall mobs, freezing to death while waiting in line for the 5 a.m. $39 Blu-Ray player special or being tasered during police crowd control maneuvers at the nearby Walmart.

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11 fun eco-gift ideas for 2010

This year, when it’s abundantly clear that we in the developed world need to consume responsibly, and there are more green gift options than ever — so many sustainable goods are hitting their stride — it makes sense to consider eco-friendly gifts, whenever and wherever possible.

Look for items that are made from renewable, recycled or reclaimed materials; for products that last and regenerate or even create their own energy (eco- can be eco-nomical); for things that sustain people in disadvantaged situations and for stuff that’s practical, even edible.

Your family may just discover that their eco-gifts are some of the most unique and wonderful surprises under the tree (or near the Menorah or whatever).

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Doggie Sudz helps poochie smell better — without synthetics

(Photo: Green Right Now | John Fadler)

If you’ve got a hound dog that tends to smell a little too earthy after outings, but you’re not willing to douse him with artificially perfumed products that you wouldn’t use yourself, then stay on the leash. We’ve found a product that should suit your eco-sensibilities and still help poochie smell like a prince.

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Great green toy ideas for 2008

By Shermakaye Bass and Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Want to stay safe, avoid toxic toy recalls and make your toy selections a little greener this season? There are no guarantees but here are few ideas:

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