2016-2017 Christmas Bird Counts | Travis Audubon

From Travis Audubon Christmas Bird Counts are coming! The CBC is an international citizen science effort to count birds every December and January. Find a CBC circle near you and help contribute important data about our birds! The Christmas Bird Count is the longest...

Travis Audubon: Where have the birds gone?

From Travis Audubon Have you been seeing fewer birds at your feeders this fall? Find out why this might be happening on our latest Signal Smoke post! We received questions this fall from numerous people voicing concerns that there are virtually no birds (or even...

Commons Ford Prairie – A Travis Audubon Project

From Travis Audubon Commons Ford Prairie – A Travis Audubon Project — We are happy to announce that Commons Ford Prairie has been awarded a Community Grant by Austin Parks Foundation. This is great news as it will allow us to complete the final major phase...

Angst over wolf hunt in Michigan

Hunters opened fire on Michigan’s wolves today, the first day of the first wolf hunt in the state since the animals were delisted from the Endangered Species Act protections. The move toward hunting these top predators has been contentious in the Wolverine state, where Native Americans paid homage to their “brother” spirit.

Do you know the ‘Snack Food 20’ companies behind the destruction of palm forests and orangutans?

Warning: This story will really take the fun out of your snack foods. But read it if you’re ready to eat responsibly by avoiding “conflict palm oil” in your cookies, crackers and chocolate nibbles. A bonus: Rainforest Action Network has released a list of the 20 major snack companies using destructive palm oil. If you want to save orangutans and help the ancestral human residents of tropical forests, you’ll make a note of this list.

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