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No math needed: A look at global warming by the numbers

April 22nd, 2009


If this country decides to do nothing to change our energy consumption, it will wind up costing us. Researchers at Tufts University, who were commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council, has two ways to look at the cost of global warming. A comprehensive estimate using a computer modeling system puts the price tag of inaction at $3.8 trillion dollars annually by 2100.

The group took at more detailed look at four industries heavily affected by global warming to determine an estimated cost of inaction. Hurricane damages could cost $422 billion. Possible real estate losses, due to rising sea level and weather damages, could be $360 billion. The projected cost of energy increases is $141 billion. And last but not least, $950 billion dollars to pay for the water that we will need to survive.

This totals up to¬†$1.9 trillion dollars. The amount¬†is currently 1.8 percent of the United State’s GDP.

All these numbers would be a little depressing, if there was nothing we could do to change the future. Through the use of renewable energy, and cutting back on waste, every person can help to define a new future for the United States and the world.

(Photo credits: satellite picture, smokestacks, NASA; Office of Sherrod Brown; 350.org; wind turbines, DOE; polar bears, Scott Schliebe/USFWS; polluted beach, Claire Fackler/NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries; trash, Andrea Booher/FEMA)

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