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Holiday shopping options that keep the season green and meaningful

November 30th, 2010

A Heifer-donated cow helps a community in Rwanda. Image: Heifer International

Heifer, whose environmental awareness is underscored by its eco-friendly home office in Little Rock, Arkansas, offers a wide range of ways to help. This year, the big ticket item is the Heifer Gift Ark, which (for $5,000) delivers 15 pair of animals.  For a bit less ($1,500), you can go for the “Joy to the World” Gift Basket, which includes two sheep, four goats, one heifer and two llamas.

A heifer alone goes for $500, with an individual sheep or goat priced at $120. For those on a tighter budget, a gift of either chicks or ducks and geese can be had for $20. You also can purchase a “share” of most of the larger animals for about 10 percent of the full cost. And, for folks wanting to stay a little closer to a more traditional interpretation of “green,” tree seedlings can be forwarded for a donation of $60.

Heifer is a good option, but hardly the only one to consider this season. Here are other organizations that can help you find gifts that are good fun and good for the planet:

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