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Driving in cold weather? Skip the "warm up." As Ecomodder.com points out, an idling engine gets "zero miles per gallon." (And it's environmentally uncool.) Also recheck your tire inflation as the season cools; air temperature affects tire inflation and you may need a "fill up."

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California’s solar rooftops program reports bright early results

July 13th, 2010

California’s ambitious solar incentive program is basking in early success, despite the poor economy, according to a hopeful mid-course report.
Three years into a 10-year roll out, the California Solar Initiative (CSI), a component of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Million Solar Roofs” plan, is already 42 percent of the way toward its state goals, according to a July 9 report to the legislature. That’s counting projects that are installed, holding reservations and in progress, according to collected data.
All told, California has more than 600 Megawatts of installed solar power connected to the grid at nearly 65,000 customer sites.

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California approves 500 megawatt PG&E solar program

April 22nd, 2010

The California Public Utilities Commission today approved a Pacific Gas and Electric Company plan for a new solar photovoltaic program. Once complete, the utility company said the initiative will generate up to 500 megawatts of clean energy, enough to meet the needs of about 150,000 homes in PG&E’s Northern and Central California service area.

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California regulators approve nation’s largest solar panel installation

June 19th, 2009

From Green Right Now Reports

The California Public Utilities Commission yesterday approved a plan by Southern California Edison to build the largest U.S. installation of advanced solar panels on otherwise unused large commercial rooftops across Southern California.

The installation will occur over the next five years and will result in 250 megawatts of solar generating capacity. The utility also will conduct competitive solicitations offering long-term power contracts to independent solar power providers who will install an additional 250 megawatts, bringing to 500 megawatts the total generating capacity of the project — the largest photovoltaic program ever undertaken.

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