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Gucci Group commits to protecting Indonesia’s rainforests

November 4th, 2009


Gucci Group said it plans to implement an industry-leading paper policy.

From Green Right Now Reports

Luxury brand Gucci Group said today it is joining forces with Rainforest Action Network and will eliminate all paper made from Indonesian rainforests and plantations and by controversial suppliers such as Asia Pulp and Paper. The company said this is a first step in its plan to implement an industry-leading paper policy.

Rainforest Action Network officials said they are pleased to sign up the famous luxury house in its ongoing effort to protect Indonesian and other endangered forests. Since the beginning of Fall 2009, RAN has been urging the fashion world to more closely examine their paper supply chains and to sever any connection with paper suppliers like Asia Pulp and Paper who are actively destroying Indonesia’s rainforests.

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Fair-trade fall fashion: stylish, warm and oh, so earthy

September 30th, 2009

By Melissa Segrest
Green Right Now

Rummaging through sweaters? Trying on last year’s jackets? Tired of that same old gray hoodie? It is possible to make a fashion statement this fall and express concern for artisans of the world with an assortment of fair-trade apparel. Your choices range from high-end big-name designers to small, globally conscious entrepreneurs. We’ve piled up a lot of crisp, autumn goodies for you to sort through.

fair trade Stella McCartney Porrima motorcycle jacket

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The greenest collection on the fall ’09 fashion runways of Paris

March 17th, 2009

By Melissa Segrest
Green Right Now

The Paris fall fashion shows have ended, and designer Stella McCartney is getting plenty of good press for her 2009 collection, her ninth. While some fashion extremists paraded neon fur and gigantic gowns, hip-high leather boots and heels so high models could barely walk, McCartney (at right) presented an elegant, interesting and wearable collection that is – as always — 100 percent Earth-friendly.

McCartney is the fashion design world’s most prominent environmental activist who has made it her mission to prove that elegance can be environmentally friendly.

She never uses leather or fur. Her cosmetics line, CARE, is 100 percent natural and totally chemical-free. She makes every effort to have shops that run on renewable energy. She mandates that all her employees use only recycled paper. Even the bags that are used to ship her costly goods are 100 percent biodegradable.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.

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