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Eco-Festival set for San Ramon

July 7th, 2009

By Ashley Phillips
Green Right Now

Eco-Festivals, Inc., a non-profit organization based in the Bay Area, will be educating the public on ways to be greener at its inaugural Eco-Festival at the San Ramon City Center in August. The group hopes this free public event will become a blueprint for similar expos that could be held around the country.

“Our hope and goal is to deliver a fun and interactive festival environment unlike any other to empower and inspire mainstream families to realize the transition to a green lifestyle is within their reach,” said Robert Jacobs, founder and CEO of Eco-Festivals, Inc.

The Eco-Festival, set for Aug. 29-30, hopes to show how going green can be fun, easy, and cost effective. The festival will showcase many different activities including:

  • An “Auto Zone” displaying eco-friendly cars
  • Food Court with organic food
  • Vendor Village of sustainable goods for your home, garden, and office
  • Fashion Show of clothes made out of organic material
  • A Kids Zone featuring games and solar/biofuel-powered rides
  • A Career Zone highlighting sustainable jobs

Event speakers will include:

  • Robert Craymer, Hollywood’s “Greenroom Guru” of design
  • Inveterate environmentalists Ed Begley Jr. and wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley of “Living With Ed”
  • Nicole Facciuto of “Red Hot, & Green”
  • Susie Coelho of “Outer Spaces”

“While our world struggles with climate change, pollution, and an abundance of waste, this is the moment when we all need to re-evaluate our lives and change our thinking. Living an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle does not have to be costly or daunting, and Eco-Festivals will show you just how easy it is,” said Chelsea Pearl of MSR Communications, LLC.

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