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Consumers greenlight greener cars, according to survey

September 7th, 2010

From Green Right Now Reports

The road ahead looks welcoming for green automobiles, according to an Autobytel.com survey of potential car buyers.

More than half (about 57 percent) of those responding to the mid-summer survey of 2,000 people reported they were either definitely, likely or possibly going to buy a green car in the next year.

Respondents most often cited economics and better gas mileage as their main reason (the two were presented together as “Economics, better gas mileage”) for seeking greener cars.

Autobytel survey reveals more than half will be looking at green car purchases over the next year.

Concerns for the environment also figured prominently in the respondent’s answers. Thirty-nine percent said they would be buying a greener vehicle because it was “environmentally responsible” or would be “reducing dependence on foreign oil.”

Autobytel sees the survey as revealing the deepest green streak among younger car buyers. One in four of those under age 25 said they were “definitely” considering purchasing an alternative fuel or high mileage vehicle within the next year, and over half said that environmental factors would affect their decision.

Other findings about younger buyers:

  • 73% are actively considering a green vehicle purchase within the next twelve months (versus 56% for those over 25).
  • Environmental factors (such as pollution levels and global warming) impact their likelihood to purchase a green vehicle (53%) versus 44% for over 25.
  • Over 80% “intend to purchase” or “might consider buying” a green vehicle in the next two to five years versus 75% over 25.

The survey, the basis for Autobytel’s “What’s Hot Now” report, is good news for manufacturers of hybrids, said Autobytel CEO Jeff Coats.

“Consumers are interested in being fiscally and environmentally responsible when considering their next vehicle purchase,” he said.

Irvine, Calif.-based Autobytel helps car buyers research and find vehicles and related products through it’s network of websites, such as Car.comsm and CarSmart.com®.

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